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Why Knowledge Is Power In Change Management

Why Knowledge Is Power In Change Management

Have you ever overheard your employee’s state something along the lines of; “We are currently implementing a new system and I’m still trying to figure it out…” or “I can’t seem to get our system to work, can I get back to you?” whilst on a client call? We can all agree in today’s competitive environment, giving the indication to clients that we don’t really know what we are doing, is not something we want to promote.  We can also agree that sometimes implementing new systems and solutions can often be a difficult task for business owners and managers, particularly when you involve technology.

Your first obstacle as a business owner or manager, is that fundamentally people are creatures of habit. In an ever changing world, in which people find it hard to find consistency, these habits can be a true comfort to a lot of employees. However hard it may be, overcoming this obstacle is vital to the success and uptake of any change in the business, and this is where a Change Management plan can guide you on the best path.  

Not all change in business environments can be controlled, but when we do get the opportunity, it should be a planned and managed process. When effectively applied, Change Management can greatly increase the success rate of any new project or solution. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that Change Management is successfully completed, however one of the most effective things you can do is give your team EDUCATION.

Education and training is one of the critical elements needed when implementing a new solution into the business, whether that be a new product, new process, or even just streamlining existing tasks. You cannot expect your team to accept and adjust to change if they don’t know HOW. Most humans strongly dislike that feeling of uncertainty and the unfamiliar, and in most instances will do whatever possible to actually avoid it. The key to overcoming this feeling is to give your team the tools to learn, understand and accept this change. Giving the ability to gain this expertise will only encourage your team members to actually give new solutions a fair go, and more often than not, they will recognise just how much can be gained if learnt and completed properly.  Investment in team education will also ensure your employees are getting the correct training they are looking for, leading to their appreciation that the business is doing something to actually improve their working day-to-day environment, and not just for the business profit alone.  Lack of knowledge can be a frightening experience for both the employees and employers, and one that can be avoided if we correctly invest in training and education.

This lack of knowledge is particularly evident with the implementation of solutions into technology platforms. Most software can be difficult to tackle first up, and this initial difficulty can often lead to resistance from employees to use the system at all. The key is giving your team the knowledge to learn and master these systems. Too often we see frustrated employees complaining to managers saying things don’t work or it is too hard, where in all reality they are just unsure of what to actually do with the system. Providing a learning platform to give your team a head start, will give you and your team the best chance of making sure you are getting the most out of your technology.

This crucial step is too often overlooked as simply an added expense, however compared to the cost of your team failing to use the solution at all, it can be a small expense with long term pay offs.  

At the end of the day, with all the time, money and effort put into new business change, the education and training of your team should be the focus of your Change Management plan, resulting in the success of solutions, improving the knowledge of your team and most importantly the overall efficiency of the business.


Lyn Bell, General Manager. 


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