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The Hidden Market – Using XPLAN to Target Your Market

The Hidden Market – Using XPLAN to Target Your Market

The business world is now a highly toughened and competitive environment, no matter what industry you belong to. A driving factor of this competitive climate, is the fact that it belongs to an incredibly information rich environment. Our customers can get more information about us than ever before, and they expect this information swiftly and accurately. For the majority, clients have already made up there mind before they get in contact with you, or you reach out to them. It makes marketing highly competitive, making sure we can capture the attention of our prospective clients.


Financial Planners are now recognising the full value that marketing has for a business, however as with most businesses, and particularly smaller ones, we don’t have the massive budget that we dream of in order to splash our brands wherever we want. What we can do however, is leverage off our existing capabilities and reach out to a market that has the most chance of success with the least amount of expense.


Our existing clients are a prime opportunity to generate up selling and cross selling options, which not only gives your sales team a boost, but also contributes to the loyalty you generate with your clients. Not many people know the benefits that XPLAN can add to this opportunity, giving you the ability to generate strong specific marketing tactics, meaning your endeavors are not set up for failure.


Before we go too much further, let’s delve into exactly why you should be marketing to your existing client base.

  • They have already bought something from you, so chances are they will be willing to buy again – Having had a positive experience already with your business (hopefully), will mean half of the sales piece is effectively completed. Conversion rates should be higher and your sales figures will get a much needed boost.
  • It costs less to sell to them then it does to find new business – Finding and marketing to new clients is an expensive endeavor. As mentioned before, marketers are competing aggressively to vie for the attention of prospects, and that competition comes at a cost. Marketing to your existing clients is a much less expensive cause, with an ever higher success rate, so it is definitely a win-win situation.
  • It creates customer loyalty – Up selling and cross selling, if done right, can be seen as a customer care activity, meaning you can create longer lasting relationships with your clients. Your loyal clients are also more likely to refer you to their friends and family, which expands your market reach.


Approaching your existing clients should be a very different process to approaching new ones, as you don’t have to establish your reputation and skill. Showing clients that you have other services to offer in business, should be done with the distinction that you understand the client’s needs and care about their business and satisfaction. Not taking this personalised approach, could mean that existing clients believe you’re up selling to them for no reason, and they can more than often see right through the sales pitch.


The key to taking this targeted approach is to utilise your data. Having a strong system, with good accurate data means that you can segment your customers into potential opportunities for upselling and cross selling. This is where XPLAN can really be used to its full potential.


There are number of things you can do within XPLAN that can assist this process.


Firstly, Search Criteria is a marketers’ best friend. It may sound simple, but the ability to report on clients with very specific criteria, can be invaluable when creating segments. It gives you the ability to target a client segment with a very specific method, increasing your chances of conversion dramatically.


Some possible examples of Search Criteria are:

  • Clients who are turning over 60 next year.
  • Females aged 29-31 years with no insurance.
  • Clients who own shares in the top 100 ASX listed stocks. 

Some can even be industry specific or time relevant. For example, with the recent changes to the budget, you would be able to search and target those;

  • Clients who are earning more than $80,000.
  • Clients who are earning less than $37,000.
  • Clients who have over $1,600,000 in pension phase.


The key to strong segmentation is all about better communicating the benefits of your products and services to ultimately provide them a better service.


Now that you have your customised segments, you can then utilise another key module in XPLAN – Campaigns. Using XPLAN Campaigns can make the marketing experience simple and effective. It allows you to manage and target clients within a campaign of any type, for example, mail outs, conferences, seminars, sales calls and newsletters. Additionally, Campaigns allow for tracking, reporting and analysis which can be easily generated to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. One of the key benefits of using Campaigns is the ability to automatically trigger other XPLAN events per client, based on their responses, streamlining your processes even further. 


The capability that XPLAN can give you to enhance your marketing endeavors, means that you can not only streamline your efficiencies, but also ensure you are turning all of your opportunities into profitable ones, whilst expertly executing your marketing tactics.


Curious about how you can enhance your marketing in XPLAN? Talk to the team at Enzumo and see what you can do to get kick-start your marketing today.


Jena Antrobus, Marketing Coordinator




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