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Preparation Is Half The Battle

Preparation Is Half The Battle

With the recent Olympics on, we all get inspired by amazing feats of athleticism, commitment and passion that drive athletes to conquer new feats of human ability. These Olympians have a target focus on their desired outcomes, as well as having to compete with those who all have exactly the same drive as them.  We can all recognize the 4 years of training, relentless commitment and preparation for that one moment of glory, but do we fully appreciate just how much this makes a difference to the successful outcomes for these athletes?


In a lot of ways this aligns to business operations and projects. Businesses can find themselves in the position of wanting to change something in order to achieve a desired outcome, and also have a whole lot of competitors who all have the same aims as them.


But what defines a gold winning Olympian apart from the other? For most Olympians it is often said that passion overrides just pure talent alone. If we break that down we find that the commitment, passion and preparation in the leading four years can often be the definitive factor for this success.


In the same essence, change and success in business operations can often be defined by similar commitment and preparation for projects to succeed. Too often we see financial planning practices skipping steps in order to get to the gold. This doesn’t work for Olympians and it doesn’t work for business.


Evaluation and assessing your business is the first step to prepare your project for success. Taking a deep look at what you are currently doing, can make it very clear where you need to go and what you need to do to get there. More importantly this exercise should not be purely positive. It is vital to be brutally honest, about not only what you do well, but more importantly what you don’t do well; this clearer focus on improvements is what will set you apart from your competitors.  With out this initial clarity, a lot of endeavors can either be mislead or entirely pointless.


Leading or ‘coaching’ your team is also important. Clear direction and encouragement are vital to the success of any project, particularly one that involves a lot of change. In essence if team members feel mentally and physically prepared for the task at hand, their confidence is boosted and essentially increases your chance of success with the project.


With technology and system changes, we find that some practices can often consider these projects to be a quick fix, however this is simply is not the case for everyone. There is still prep work to be done, and also the commitment to change in order for the project to be a success.  We conduct thorough advisory workshops, which assess not only your technology status, but also the operational status of the business, in order to gain the most efficiency out of your practice and team as possible. Obviously we understand the difficulties practices face with change management, which is why partnering with an expert such as Enzumo, can often be a vital step in achieving gold.


In today’s fast paced environment, it is often the preparation and planning that goes out the window, when there is pressure to get a job done or to fix a problem. It can take time and planning to ensure your business is fully prepared to take on a new project, however the benefits gained out the extra prep work is far better than the consequences of not doing it at all. See the value in your “four years” commitment, to take things slow in the start, gain clarity and you will see true gold results for your business and your team.  


If you are interested in the Advisory Workshops with Enzumo, then contact us today on 1300 720 276 or hello@enzumo.com, to learn more about getting a clearer picture to win gold. 



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