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Learning Strategies for Success

Learning Strategies for Success

A key component of mastering XPLAN is the continuous education and knowledge development about the system and its capabilities. We at Enzumo are firm believers that your system can only be as capable as you are which is why with everything we offer, we also provide extensive learning material and training.


If your aim is to learn how to use XPLAN more effectively, here are some top strategies for you to fully succeed in your training.


  1. Set goals – There is a lot of research backing up the goal setting theory, but in short, writing it down in some shape or form will make you more accountable. Set different modules of XPLAN to learn each month, or set yourself an achievement, like learning all components of XTools before the end of the year. Whatever it is you want to learn, write it down and your one step closer.
  2. Figure out what works – Everyone has different ways of learning, you need to figure out what works best for you. That might be listening to webinars, or it might mean watching someone actually complete the work and then replicating this. Don’t be afraid to try different methods as you don’t know until you try it!
  3. Take the time – Don’t have enough time? Make time. The time you will actually save once you master XPLAN will outweigh that initial training time you take. Guaranteed. Also make the most of your time, by utilizing the time you commute in to learn. The fact that most websites now days can be viewed on any mobile device, means you have all the knowledge in the palm of your hand (not to sound too cheesy).
  4. Make the space – It’s important to have a good training space. Somewhere you won’t be disturbed and interrupted, you will focus more and it will take less time to conduct your training. If your office is open plan, possibly ask to use one of the quieter meetings rooms, or invest in some noise cancelling headphones. 
  5. Ask questions – XPLAN can be complex at times, it is why we exist.  Even though it is important to do your own research, ask questions when you get stuck. Make sure to weigh up commercial reality, by setting a cut off time if you can’t find the answer and then seeking help.
  6. Consistency is key –As with most things in life, being consistent is the best thing you can possible do to make sure you take in the most you possibly can. Commit to training once a week and anything above that is a plus. You will find once you start doing things consistently, it will become second nature to incorporate your training program into your work routine.


It is always important to remember that learning new things can often be difficult at first, whether you actually aren’t sure, or you just don’t like studying to an extent (come on, not many of us do). Remember to stick it out, as the rewards gained from learning XPLAN, can be exponential and a great reward for your business and personal development. 


Remember if you do get stuck, call us and we can help to set you on the right path to success.  




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