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Getting Social with XPLAN

Getting Social with XPLAN

Did you know that there are over 3 billion internet users – and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts? Popular social platforms have become marketing machines, offering businesses both data about their clients and also a way to reach out to their consumers directly.


One of the biggest problems faced with using social media as a brand is that they usually come off as being both impersonal and emotionless. Corporate messages have a limited engagement rate on social media, which is why a lot of brands decide to go for employee advocacy instead of relying solely on their corporate profiles.


Not only are your social media posts an excellent outlet for branding and promotional content opportunities, you can really leverage your social media reach when you start utilising employee advocacy.  By definition, employee advocacy is the promotion of an organisation by its team members, through generating positive brand exposure, recommendations of the company’s products & services and representing the company’s best interests.


If you think about it logically; say you have 200 followers on your company social media pages and you get just one of your employees, who also has 200 followers, to share and promote your content, then you have effectively doubled your reach for practically nothing. It doesn’t make sense for you to not let your team be more social anymore.


One of the biggest benefits of employee advocacy is the fact that you give your brand a face. Customers enjoy seeing the human side of businesses, as well as the fact that they are more likely to trust an actual person rather then just your marketing content hiding behind your brand. This is particularly important when client’s now do the majority of their research about your company before they have even picked up the phone to you.


To get employee advocacy implemented in your business there a number things you can do and here are some tips to get you started:

  • Start small - Don’t overload your team with social media. It may take some time to get your  team on board, this is the personal profiles after all. But making it fun and casual will make things easier.
  • Lead by example – Employees might be resistant at first but this is where you need to lead by example. Use your own profile as the shiny example of what you wish others to do.
  • Teach and develop social media skills – Not everyone is fluent in social media, so make sure to offer training and guidance on the subject if they are interested.
  • Ensure a unified approach – Make sure your brand ambassadors know what they can and can’t post. Ideally this should align with your company’s values. People are more likely to post if they understand what they can do and without fear of getting reprimanded.
  • Keep things simple – Don’t pressure your team into sharing the business news on their personal sites and definitely don’t make it part of their job. It should be a genuine share that should be quick and easy for your team to do.


XPLAN can also help you in this department and kick start your employee advocacy. Within XPLAN you can integrate your social networks, allowing you to view and post messages from within XPLAN.


One of the biggest benefits is that you can view your own company’s feeds on the dashboard, meaning your team can stay in the loop of all your posts. At this stage only Twitter can be integrated within the dashboard, but if you have a solid social media plan in place, you will be posting on a number of sites so should be easy for your team to then share across all platforms. The biggest benefit is that it reminds your team of your social endeavors – like they say ‘out of sight, out of mind’.


Taking this one step further, you can also link up your client’s social tweets in XPLAN. Helping your advisers to become more personal with your clients (who are social savvy), can be excellent way of becoming more involved in your clients lives and goals, to give a more personalized service.


With social media being such a widely used tool for both consumers and businesses, it can be a very effective and relatively cheap option to get your brand out there, and getting your employees on board can only help and further your social reach.


Looking for help linking your social accounts? Contact Enzumo on 1300 720 276 or reach out to hello@enzumo.com.



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