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Welcome to the OperaTorii Blog

Welcome to the OperaTorii Blog

Greetings and welcome to the first post on the OperaTorii Blog.

Like the Torii gates of Japan that mark the gateway to places of worship, the OperaTorii Blog is your gateway to all things ‘operations’.

As experts in operational improvement and technological enablement, we’ve launched this blog to share our ideas, insights and experiences. Our hope is that OperaTorii will provide the inspiration and knowledge you need to run your business more efficiently.

Much of our focus is on the management disciplines of Business Process Re-engineering and Business Process Management. In particular, we’re strong believers in the power of technology and how it can be applied to make your business run at its absolute best.

To make OperaTorii a truly valuable resource, we hope to create a two-way conversation with our readers and so we encourage you to leave comments, post ideas and ask questions.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – ‘The two minute intro to BPR & BPM’

Stephen Bell
Founder, Enzumo



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