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The Challenge

Beresfords is a wealth management company that helps its clients make intelligent decisions about their finances through a process of education - ensuring they understand the choices available to them and the consequences of those decisions.

When Beresfords engaged Enzumo, the company was growing rapidly. To support this growth, the firm needed help with the production of its SOAs as it had become an inefficient and costly process. Their existing approach also presented key person risk, compliance risk and made it difficult to train new people.

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The Solution

Having worked successfully with Enzumo in the past, Beresfords reengaged us to solve their challenge. Drawing on our proprietary engagement framework – the Process Mastery Methodology – we evolved their approach to SOAs and provided the foundations they needed to support further growth. This is how we did it.


The project began with an investigation into Beresfords’ existing processes, during which we discovered that:

- SOAs were taking around 20 hours to prepare and there was no built-in quality control
- Much of their content was known only by a couple of senior executives putting a lot of pressure on their time and causing key person risk
- There were no standard templates which slowed the process and presented a compliance problem as they couldn’t rollout changes easily
- It was hard to train people as there was no clear process to follow.

Against this backdrop, we sought to resolve their challenges by centralising and streamlining their approach to SOA production.


The Enzumo Advice Builder 8, which encompasses an SOA Wizard and SOA Template, was the ideal solution for Beresfords. We set up the solution in their XPLAN system and then went about tailoring the standard functionality to ensure it worked seamlessly with their other business processes. The solution brought together their advice content in one central location and provided a clear process for using this content in SOA documents. What’s more, the SOA Template improved the professionalism and consistency of Beresfords’ documents.


Throughout the project, we worked in close collaboration with the team at Beresfords to ensure the solution met the specific requirements of the business. Involving the team secured the best possible outcome and reduced the time it took for staff to learn how to use the newtools.

The Outcome

Partnering with Enzumo has delivered Beresfords with the SOA solution it needs to confidently pursue growth.

Capturing all of the advice content in a centralised portal and supporting it with a streamlined process means the task of producing SOAs can be managed by the right people internally and training is easier. Freeing up senior executives to spend more time on client facing activities is an added benefit.

The solution has also delivered more robust compliance by ensuring the most accurate, up-to-date content is being used across the entire business.

Critically, the time it takes Beresfords to produce an SOA has dropped by more than 85% from 20 hours to around two and a half hours. In turn, this has helped reduce the firm’s client onboarding time so they can now service four clients in the time it used to take to service one.

Having mastered this process for Beresfords, Enzumo is now helping the firm with other XPLAN functionality.

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