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The Challenge

Logiro helps its clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals through its philosophy of full circle thinking. By setting clear objectives, designing realistic strategies and utilising the best tools available, Logiro's clients have a road map to success. A key part of Logiro's offering is its proprietary investment portfolio which has delivered outstanding results. However, the portfolio's detailed SoA was taking a long time to prepare. Management was also concerned about the consistency and quality of their materials. .

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The Solution

The key to solving Logiro's challenge lied in applying the firm's 'full circle' philosophy to the management of their business. By using XPLAN to is full potential - with clarity, strategy and the right tools - we would resolve their issues and evolve their process. Here's how we helped.


We got started with a review of Logiro's business and the pain points in their process. By talking to the Logiro team we uncovered that:

SOAs were taking a long time to produce and often contained,
inconsistent wording and errors,
Microsoft Word and Excel were featuring heavily in their process,
Their investment model lent itself to standardised SOA content.

We also discovered that a step in their process - a client onboarding report - was being produced manually.


Our solution came in the form of a customised version of the Enzumo Advice Builder 8, which encompasses an SoA Wizard and SoA Template.

Used together, these tools would equip Logiro with a fast and reliable way to gather all the information they needed from XPLAN to deliver a professional SoA document.

We implemented these tools and then set to work evolving the standard functionality by pre-populating fields, setting defaults, adding pre-defined content and standardising the style and presentation of their materials.

To evolve their process further, we automated their client on boarding completion report. This document, which one took more than an hour to produce, is now created in minutes and acts as a compliance check.


The team at Logiro were critical to the success of the project. By gathering their ideas and understanding how they operate, we were able to make a genuine improvement to their working day.

The Outcome

With Enzumo's help, Logiro is operating with greater speead and accuracy. Our solution has halved the time it takes to produce an SoA and just about anyone in the organisation can set up an advice document.

Management is confident that every report is highly professional, free of errors and using consistent wording. SoAs are exported from XPLAN into Microsoft Word and require very little formatting or editing.

An unexpected bonus has been the improved turnaround time of Logiro's client and onboarding report.

By understanding Logiro's business we discovered that the standard XPLAN functionality wasn't meeting their needs, Tailoring the system helped Logiro maximise their XPLAN investment and more efficiently run their business.

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