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The Challenge

Ulton Financial Planning has a long and proud history of helping its clients achieve their financial goals. Much of the firm’s success is due to its strong focus on big picture financial strategy.

Central to Ulton’s approach is its Client Review Process where advisers and clients meet to discuss objectives, examine progress and make decisions about the future. However this business-critical process was draining the firm’s resources as it was taking a long time to prepare the detailed client review reports. Management was also concerned about the quality, accuracy and consistency of the information being presented.

We don’t just help you re-engineer your processes

We ensure you MASTER THEM

The Solution

Ulton partnered with Enzumo to solve its problem. Drawing on our proprietary engagement framework – the Process Mastery Methodology – we resolved Ulton’s issue, evolved their approach and involved their staff. Here’s how we went about it.


Kicking off the project with our business review process, we sought to understand Ulton's business and the challenges they faced. We uncovered the hurdles and opportunities in their process - the "peeves and possibilities".

We then set about designing a solution that would solve their issue and enable them to master their process. Our goal was to bring clarity to their approach and ensure their system was built to deliver.

Our answer was a custom-designed XPLAN wizard called the Review Agenda Tool that would provide Ulton with an efficient and reliable method of capturing, collating and reporting client data.


We then got to work building the Review Agenda Tool, customising XPLAN with an evolved toolset of workflows, templates and resources.

Our solution included a step-by-step wizard that enables Ulton staff to quickly gather a wide range of client data, performance information and agenda items from across XPLAN. All of the data is then collated in an automatically-generated Review Agenda Document that provides Ulton advisers with a framework for engaging their clients in a professional, organised and consistent manner.

We also ensured that Ulton's system was set up properly and operating as it's most efficient. This included changing the way they entered information about client objectives so it could be easily extracted.


We worked closely with the Ulton team to ensure the solution genuinely met their needs. By involving staff and valuing their input, we successfully secured their buy-in and ensured high rates of user adoption.

The Outcome

The Review Agenda Tool has delivered substantial benefits to Ulton. It has made a measurable improvement to efficiency by cutting the time it takes to prepare a review document from two hours to just 20 minutes. The reports can now be produced by anyone at Ulton, freeing up advisers to spend more time with clients. Additionally, senior staff no longer need to review or edit the documents prior to each meeting as management is confident that the reports are accurate, consistent and professional.
By getting to the heart of Ulton’s business issue, we didn’t just re-engineer their process – we helped them master it. In doing so, we helped Ulton improve their productivity, enhance their client experience and achieve a measurable improvement to their bottom line.

To be truly effective, Xplan needs to be tailored to the exact requirements of a financial planning business. The system should be molded to reflect the way the business operates – not the other way around.

Enzumo has worked with many dealer groups to design and implement Xplan solutions that meet the specific needs of their networks. We take a hands-on approach, working in close consultation with your team to identify your business needs and processes, prioritise them and then design and implement an effective solution.

Enzumo is everything you need to build an efficient Xplan system