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XPLAN Workflows

Improve your back office and help your practices run more efficiently with Enzumo’s range of business workflows.

Built into Xplan, the workflows are designed to save each practice time and money by automating many of their ‘everyday’ administration tasks. Using workflows enables your planners to spend more of their time on client-facing, revenue-generating activity.

We offer more than 70 tried and tested workflows that are customised to your business using our Process Mastery Methodology.

A Workflow Example:

Looking at going paperless? Using just one Xplan generated barcode on an SoA Letter of Authority can save your team up to 10 minutes per document by automating each of the following tasks;
  • Filing and tagging the document
  • Sending the client an update email
  • Sending the adviser an update email
  • Updating the compliance program
  • Commencing the implementation workflows

At a glance, the workflows will incorporate:

  • Automatic generation of all letter and email templates
  • Full integration of Xplan's barcoding features
  • Integrated and automatic compliance system (not using Case Management
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Fully adapted and built to your business processes

Enzumo is everything you need to build an efficient Xplan system