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Enzumo Paraplanning

Enzumo Paraplanning

Enzumo Paraplanning is our innovative and effective outsourced service drawing on the expertise of a panel of highly experienced paraplanning businesses. Leveraging our panel of paraplanning businesses ensures the right advice delivery fit for your business. 

Enzumo focuses on producing high-quality, fully integrated, visually appealing Advice Documents on a 'needs only' basis, using XPLAN financial planning software.

Our paraplanning partners have the ability to produce Advice Documents within Enzumo's own XPLAN site or within a practice's XPLAN site. 

Our Solution

Partnering with Enzumo to deliver your paraplanning needs provides the following benefits:

  • A partner that delivers a more reliable and efficient paraplanning solution.
  •  A service organisation that has the efficiency of your XPLAN system as its priority.
  •  A service organisation that contacts you, makes recommendations and keeps you informed.
  •  A partner who really understands the day to day operational needs of financial planning practices.

Our Paraplanning Partners

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