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The largest + most experienced independent XPLAN consulting group in Australia

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Improving Financial Technology for Advice Professionals Since 2003

Enzumo is the largest and most experienced independent XPLAN consulting group in Australia, providing XPLAN customisation and e-learning solutions. 

We continue to draw on our first hand knowledge of the finance sector to help financial service companies, dealer groups and financial planners get the most out of their XPLAN system.


XPLAN Site Consulting Service >

XPLAN Consulting Services from  Enzumo leverage the knowledge of Enzumo Solution Specialists as you design, develop and deploy your XPLAN and Enzumo solutions. 

Enzumo Practice Management Suite >

The Enzumo Practice Management Suite is everything you need to run an efficient financial planning practice. The suite includes Enzumo's best-of-breed business workflows, pipeline reporting and FDS & Opt-in reporting technology. 

XPLAN Site Hosting & Management >

Enzumo provides a range of managed or hosted XPLAN sites which come with our full standard suite of advice technology solutions implemented and ready for use.

Enzumo Training & Adoption Service >

In addition to our consulting and implementation services, we also offer comprehensive training solutions across a variety of delivery options to ensure your business is able to use XPLAN effectively.

Enzumo Advice Delivery Suite >

The Enzumo Advice Delivery Suite  includes our best-of-breed fact find, advice document and review report technology all in one comprehensive, coordinated solution. 

Enzumo Site Support Services >

The Enzumo site support service provides you with access to a dedicated team of skilled XPLAN support specialists who are just a quick phone call away. 


Enzumo is everything you need to build an efficent XPLAN system

Save time, money and effort with our carefully crafted advice technology solutions