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XPLAN Consulting Service

XPLAN Consulting Services from Enzumo leverage the knowledge of Enzumo Solution Specialists as you design, develop and deploy your XPLAN and Enzumo solutions. Bring the expertise of a senior practice technology specialist into your organisation to advise you on XPLAN architecture and design approaches or assist you in implementing and configuring your Enzumo solutions.


Business Challenges

You have made significant investments in XPLAN as your client relationship management solution to drive practice efficiencies. At times, even the most knowledgeable and technology savvy advice practice can face challenges while implementing new or enhancing existing advice technology.

You’ve made the right decision, but you realise you could use some short-term expertise to get through the crucial initial stages of designing and developing your systems and processes to ensure best practice fit and efficiency.

Turn to the Enzumo Solution Specialists to augment your staff in order to maximise your resources and address these issues:

  • Potentially complex advice technology projects can require a mixture of specific practice, advice and technology knowledge of products and solutions.

  • Business processes and XPLAN environments may have changed since your initial implementation requiring a realignment of systems and processes.

  • Short-term tactical needs can hinder the design of a road-map to support future system development to ensure achievement of return on investment.

Our Approach

Delivered as full day face to face workshops, our Consulting Services do not provide a defined solution implementation, but instead deliver a high-value consulting engagement measuring your advice delivery process health, practice technology road-map and implementation guidance.

Our comprehensive practice advice technology assessment includes:

  • Review of existing advice delivery process, documentation and XPLAN system.

  • Practice process maturity bench-marking and identification of gaps and weaknesses.

  • Development of a practice technology road-map and implementation guidance.

Where a business process area requires specific attention, for example workflow processes, advice document preparation or para-planning, the above engagement can be tailored to focus only on those areas.


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