Enzumo - XPLAN Customisation + Solutions
The largest + most experienced independent XPLAN consulting group in Australia


What services do you provide? 

Enzumo offers a broad range of consulting and implementation services with respect to Xplan and advice delivery. 

  • Full suite of advice templates & wizards (SOA, Fact Find, Review).

  • Core practice workflows (tasks & threads)

  • Bespoke wizard development

  • Practice consulting

  • Learning Management Systems

  • Data management / migration services

  • Ongoing site support and development.

How are we


Enzumo's Advice Builder technology is the market-leading wizard for Xplan. Our template structure (supported by over 1000 pages of code) allows for all scopes, scale and entities. We have also worked hard to ensure our documents allow for superior flexibility branding, imagery and client focused content. 

Our consultants are not just experienced with Xplan technology they have all worked in advice firms or AFLSs at some point in their careers. 

We are part of the Chant West Holdings Group of companies. We have significant scale and capital to grow our business and be a long-term partner for our clients.  


Benefits of our approach?

  • Improved client experience, through high quality advice documents.

  • Significant efficiency gains through reduced SOA production times.

  • Better compliance results through template consistency.

  • Better user adoption through our learning management support.

Our fees will vary depending on the nature of the project and the ongoing support that our clients need, Our fees typically involve the following:

Initial Consulting & Development - a fixed fee quoted before any development commences.

Site Development & Support - an ongoing hourly fee for site management and user support. 

Template Licensing - a fee payable by users to ensure the ongoing enhancement of our Advice Delivery Suite. 

How do we charge?

Typically not. There a number of disadvantages to these arrangements. To maximise client satisfaction we recommend firms have their own Xplan site. Please see this article for more information. 



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