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Chant West

Chant West is a superannuation research and consultancy firm established in 1997.

Their research on superannuation and pension funds is highly regarded for its accuracy, insightfulness and integrity, and it is widely used by financial advisers and by the funds themselves. The research feeds into a suite of user-friendly tools that make it easy for funds, advisers and individual consumers to analyse and compare products on a fair, 'apples with apples' basis.

In addition to conducting research, Chant West provide advice to organisations who wish to outsource some or all of their superannuation services, or to review their existing service providers.  This consultancy work gives them unparalleled access to information about funds, asset consultants and administrators that supplements and enriches our research.



ICompliance is a team of lawyers with more than 20 years experience in legal and regulatory compliance.

ICompliance provides services to both AFSLs and Financial Planners encompassing compliance training, incident management, legal services, commercial law and AFSL applications.